Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thesis Test

A test of the first Chapter. Not completed. Warning Volume jumps up after 'different things.'

Thursday, October 14, 2010

jeanbean update

Helloooo! Trying to remember to use this blog more. i'd love any more thoughts! The crit this week was solid! Well, if you didn't get a chance to throw your two cents at me... Feel free to do it now! :)
Scanned version of sketch page i did for my storyboard. Had my script up in front of me and just sketched out ideas First page of my storyboard! A whopping 16 pages in all! Full of little beans..


Monday, September 27, 2010

In case you weren't sick of me yet...

Starting to reconsider the direction of thesis. Perhaps it's less about people killing themselves and more about why the characters don't kill themselves. Hmmmm (ponder ponder ponder...)

While you're waiting...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rough animatics: which makes the best funny?

Hi everyone,
I have my first set of rough animatics for the "bro" skit. Which one do you guys like the best? Also, sorry I couldn't embed it, but blogger keeps denying me it's video loading magic. Tried several formats and sizes. Apparently, I'm just not cool enough. Hooray for youtube.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Also, you can only watch it if you have the URL. I don't like weirdos looking at my stuff. Let me know if there are issues.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Character Design

I'll help Jean revive this.

Here's a sketchy walk cycle.

 My character is the only robot in a normal world who has ever only been influenced by the news media (it's the only signal that has ever been picked up on his antenna). You get the impression he's been a solitary creature for most of his "life". My thesis focuses around his "enlightenment", or rather him going out into the world and finding out there's more to life than just negativity and despair. He's curious, naive, and worn out; much like an adult who has been in a coma since childhood. He wears a sweatshirt to try to fit into the mundane world, the irony of which is that he's a robot and will always appear different (kind of hard to hard your head when it's a TV).

Further suggestions? Improvements? Considering shoes to add to the ridiculousness of him trying to be one of the crowd.

Working Working Working

Thought I might try to revive this and put up what I wrote on my other blog. Please throw in whatever thoughts pop up!

Alright! Working away at thesis! Actually I've noticed that calling it by it's title negates the negative association with the word THESIS ;)

Actually I just wanted to put down my process. Usually I write it down on a messed up keyframe and tuck it in with my folder things I've learned. Putting it on here, makes it much easier to find though in the future.

Well, first off, I decided that I can't explain my animation as well as I can show it. So I'm doing a 'test' of the Intro (the first scene) with the narration over an basic Animatic! I'll slave over the rest of the storyboard right after..

Wrote out the story- really tried to get the feeling and tone of voice (without over doing it and being too indulgent) It ended up just being about being in the right mindset for it (relaxed and focused). Never worked when I tried to rush it

Story to Script- cutting away. I thought it would hurt to chop down all the words, but actually I don't mind. It's hard, but trying to find the simplest and basic idea... it's about finding the minimum for sharing a thought

Scripting and Sketching for Storyboard- I am SO SO SO glad that I decided to work more organically with overlapping segments. Thank you Mister Hock. I have a bad tendency to want to feel like I completed a step before moving on to the next; but having a schedule that has overlapping and deadlines? Perfect. So while I'm scripting, I have my sketchbook laid out in front of me. They compliment each other also, when I can't figure out what I should cut away I think about what I can tell visually. They're so connected. I always think of what the visiting animator said about doing documentaries "use the visuals to tell the rest of the story. What you can't put in the narration)

Then Storyboarding becomes more of a breeze- I try to think more about how I want think to cut away and how the camera should move -and of course note variations in the margins. This is also good place to try and push things.

Recording- Audio- used Garageband (new track>live>internal mic>adjust recording volume as ness.) Need to remember not to have that metronome on (Command+N). It'll keep that in the recording. Also Exported through the Share tab (one piece) that will need to be chopped up for later

Also I want to review Toon Boom more, because the program has a lot of potential. Figure out to export a single fame as a snap shot though! Here we go this is from the basic animatic for the Intro!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey Guys!

Animation Club to start this WEEK! We are opening up with UP (aka the most awesome pixar movie of all time...if you wanna argue with me on that one come to CLUB!)

Animation club will be held @ Brown in room 215 every Weds. @ 10.

Animation Zombies are coming! We are going to eat your hearts out!

- Sid, Jean, and Rachel plus WILL!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey Guys,

what time would be best for people to come to animation club? i was thinking either Weds or Tuesdays?!? Please comment back! thx

- Sid

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Story time: part two

So my friend and I both created Pansy. But this new post is a poem she wrote that I am interested in animating. We have been stuck on this poem for a while and really wanted to create something great out of it. For Pansy, I have a very very rough storyboard for, but this one still needs work. I would like to share with you a poem from my bff Cassie DeMario. Respect the Greatness :P


There was a kid playing guns in a toy store
And I asked him, “Hey kid what are you shooting for?”
He said, “Bang! Bang! You fall to the ground”
And I fell, I fell, I fell

I was walking through the streets downtown
And the children were making their way down
Rushing to see the new piece of plastic
Their smiles were superficial but fantastic

All through the day, life’s wasting away
And all through the night, I dream
Of going away, exactly where I can’t say
I don’t know when, but I’ll get there some day

I was zoning out of time
Then I heard a sound that rattled my mind
A mother was yelling at her weeping child
And then she smiled, she smiled, she smiled

My nephew only stares at the screen
When he grows up, I wonder what he’ll be
Some big success, the pride of the family
No, I suppose he’ll be more like me

There was a kid playing guns in a toy store
And I asked, “Hey kid what are you shooting for?”
He said, “Bang! Bang! You fall to the ground”
And I said no child not this time around
No child not this time around

I see a lot of potential for this visually. Hope you enjoyed it.

Story time

Hey guys,

So I have two ideas for thesis. Here is one:

Pansy’s Revenge:

Pansy is a mischievous young girl whose main rivals are the boys next door, Aiden and Peter. Pansy gets very irritated by the cruel way the boys treat her and plots revenge, sometimes for pure entertainment. Although the boys do taunt her with sexist remarks and/or poor 10-year-old boy humor, she secretly just wants to be their friend. Her mom always said that if a boy is picking on you, that means they like you. So why can’t she do that to them? I have no personal connection to Pansy, beside the fact that I had more friends who were boys than girls and that I wanted to be a part of their “bro society" to see if they liked me. Really, I just get entertained the dark humor I can instill in her. My friend, who helped me create Pansy, may have a different set of reasons. . . she’s psychotic. :P

With Pansy, comes a sidekick--her doll. The doll acts as a villainous accomplice who tells and/or helps Pansy get her revenge on the boys. It basically embodies the evil that influences Pansy’s actions. The doll was created for Pansy to have an ally, so it isn’t always two against one, and to also be the butt of the joke. Together they make a great duo in bringing chaos to young obnoxious boys who deserve a slap in the face.

For thesis I am going to show an example of her behavior:

Like every morning, her mother wakes up and drives away to go to work (single mother). She yells from the car goodbye and tells Pansy to be on her best behavior. A dark silhouette stands behind the back door to the yard. You think a mischievous creature will come out, but behold a cute girl named Pansy walks out; and starts her day off with a tea party. She pours a cup of tea for her doll (no name yet) and talks about ( insert funny subject here). All of a sudden a loud bang boom pow! comes from her neighbor's yard. This startles her and makes her drop her tea cup, which breaks and gets her doll wet. She gets furious and goes to see what the boys next door are doing. She peeks through the hole in her fence to see that they are playing "fireman." Pansy jumps with joy and forgets about the tea cup. Now, she wants to play "fireman" too. Pansy goes over and asks if she can play with them. They say no and make fun of her because she is a woman and that a woman can't be a fireman. She turns away mumbling to herself " chauvinistic bastards" and walks back home. Then she comes back on screen with a tank of gasoline. She then pours it into the boy's yard through the hole in the fence. They don't notice. She gets a lighter from her trainy bra and tries to light it but it doesnt work. She then looks up and finds a match in the pocket of her doll. She lights the match across the dolls head (who bellows in joy) and throws the match behind her shoulder. A huge fire rises from the boys' yard and in the end they are blasted by water by a real fireman.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Turn...

I've been super impressed by people who put up their work! I been getting frustrated with my idea and restarting and re-organizing it a lot, so I'd love to have some feedback and input! (Even though what I've got is in a pretty bland stage at the moment) Here we go!

The Story of a Nice Girl
Humorous personal exploration of being the ‘Nice Girl’ and coming to terms with that label and all it’s different meanings

(I'll add now that I'm going for something a little more indie and personal. I'm trying to shoot for something honest and use animation as a way of exploring thoughts. I was influenced a lot by a comic done by the artist Corinne Mucha called 'My Every Single Thought'. Here's a short example of the feel of her stuff: http://maidenhousefly.com/blog/2010/02/03/anxie-tea/)

Realization- Label
Looking back- Past
Bad side- Negatives
Good side- Positives
Coming to Terms- Acceptance

-Present- Being called Nice
-Initial Mixed reaction
-Worth Exploration
Looking back- Past
-When first labeled?
-Where did it come from?
-How the Past is similar to the Present
Bad side- Negatives
-When being Nice hurt someone else
-Hurt me
-People’s negative reactions
-My negative reaction
-Young- Rebellion
Good side- Positives
-When helped me/benefits
-Helped someone else
-People’s positive reactions
-My positive reaction
Coming to Terms- Acceptance
-Plans to find that balance

I've been wondering too if this is going to be too subtle as an animation. I'm going to break each segment into chapter and insert humorous chapter breaks. I'm hoping the contrast will offer balance (and a chance for me to do a something on the flip side like a crazy fight scene) But let me know if you think that would be too much contrast and would harm the overall flow.

Also I really want to explore the topic though -so interesting moments to explore? Think that there's anything else that should be covered? It's in a weird stage right now, but let me know any thoughts!

cheers! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


here are some tigers that are completely unrelated to thesis
feel free to comment anyway though

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Starting us off...

So this is the main character (well... pretty much only character) in my thesis. It was inspired by what I see as negative sources of information (television), and the narrow-mindedness that comes with it. I'm also doing a music video so I figured a TV screen is very fertile ground to represent a lot of things in an easy and metaphorically subtle way. Let me know what you think!


Hey everybody,

This is the new and improved thesis blog for all to use. The seniors, meaning all of you, should use this blog to help critique work from fellow peers, update others on your thesis process, scan sketches and concepts to share with the world of your godly wonders, and use your IMAGINATION. We hope to use this blog to help outside of class in order to keep on giving feedback. Please share your ideas on what you would like to see out of this blog and how we can make this a fun last year at MICA (not a screaming, yelling, I WANT MY MOMMY! kind of year...that would be embarrassing and slightly awkward)

- Sid, Jean Bean Machine, Tara