Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Character Design

I'll help Jean revive this.

Here's a sketchy walk cycle.

 My character is the only robot in a normal world who has ever only been influenced by the news media (it's the only signal that has ever been picked up on his antenna). You get the impression he's been a solitary creature for most of his "life". My thesis focuses around his "enlightenment", or rather him going out into the world and finding out there's more to life than just negativity and despair. He's curious, naive, and worn out; much like an adult who has been in a coma since childhood. He wears a sweatshirt to try to fit into the mundane world, the irony of which is that he's a robot and will always appear different (kind of hard to hard your head when it's a TV).

Further suggestions? Improvements? Considering shoes to add to the ridiculousness of him trying to be one of the crowd.


  1. what is a robot without pants?

  2. I'm not sold on the color drawing of the sketch. I still like the original. Except the blue on the back of his legs is a nice touch. What's distracting the most, on a serious note, is the different shade of greyish brown on his private robot area. It's distracting. I like the color of blue in the screen but i think you need to refer to a photo of an old television. I think it could be slightly more rectangular, but not by much.

    The sweater closed might be an option as well? im not sure if those buttons are significant to your story but if they aren't then i suggest closing up the sweater and finding a slightly lighter color to see the jacket better.

    For some reason, i really enjoy the side profile, but i thought you'd like to know that ;)

    ps. No to the shoes.

  3. I agree the jacket is enough (glad the star ran away, I was gonna have to give it cement shoes if it didn't!) Although the idea of him sewing on a star as he "wakes up" could be a nice way to bring that in. I'm having trouble watching your walk cycle, how did you load it and why can't I seem to load any videos to my blog? I changed file formats several times and it's not over the size limit. My soul be sad.