Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Working Working Working

Thought I might try to revive this and put up what I wrote on my other blog. Please throw in whatever thoughts pop up!

Alright! Working away at thesis! Actually I've noticed that calling it by it's title negates the negative association with the word THESIS ;)

Actually I just wanted to put down my process. Usually I write it down on a messed up keyframe and tuck it in with my folder things I've learned. Putting it on here, makes it much easier to find though in the future.

Well, first off, I decided that I can't explain my animation as well as I can show it. So I'm doing a 'test' of the Intro (the first scene) with the narration over an basic Animatic! I'll slave over the rest of the storyboard right after..

Wrote out the story- really tried to get the feeling and tone of voice (without over doing it and being too indulgent) It ended up just being about being in the right mindset for it (relaxed and focused). Never worked when I tried to rush it

Story to Script- cutting away. I thought it would hurt to chop down all the words, but actually I don't mind. It's hard, but trying to find the simplest and basic idea... it's about finding the minimum for sharing a thought

Scripting and Sketching for Storyboard- I am SO SO SO glad that I decided to work more organically with overlapping segments. Thank you Mister Hock. I have a bad tendency to want to feel like I completed a step before moving on to the next; but having a schedule that has overlapping and deadlines? Perfect. So while I'm scripting, I have my sketchbook laid out in front of me. They compliment each other also, when I can't figure out what I should cut away I think about what I can tell visually. They're so connected. I always think of what the visiting animator said about doing documentaries "use the visuals to tell the rest of the story. What you can't put in the narration)

Then Storyboarding becomes more of a breeze- I try to think more about how I want think to cut away and how the camera should move -and of course note variations in the margins. This is also good place to try and push things.

Recording- Audio- used Garageband (new track>live>internal mic>adjust recording volume as ness.) Need to remember not to have that metronome on (Command+N). It'll keep that in the recording. Also Exported through the Share tab (one piece) that will need to be chopped up for later

Also I want to review Toon Boom more, because the program has a lot of potential. Figure out to export a single fame as a snap shot though! Here we go this is from the basic animatic for the Intro!

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  1. Jean, I love the new work flow you've figured out. And the sketch is ridiculous and wonderful. :D

    Toon Boom is the most wonderful program I've ever discovered, and I'm going to be using a lot of it too (again, thank you Mr. Hock). If you need precision sound editing, I'm not sure how good Garageband is that, but whatever works for you. Don't forget about Audacity; it's definitely one of the most powerful audio editing software out there.