Sunday, August 22, 2010

Story time

Hey guys,

So I have two ideas for thesis. Here is one:

Pansy’s Revenge:

Pansy is a mischievous young girl whose main rivals are the boys next door, Aiden and Peter. Pansy gets very irritated by the cruel way the boys treat her and plots revenge, sometimes for pure entertainment. Although the boys do taunt her with sexist remarks and/or poor 10-year-old boy humor, she secretly just wants to be their friend. Her mom always said that if a boy is picking on you, that means they like you. So why can’t she do that to them? I have no personal connection to Pansy, beside the fact that I had more friends who were boys than girls and that I wanted to be a part of their “bro society" to see if they liked me. Really, I just get entertained the dark humor I can instill in her. My friend, who helped me create Pansy, may have a different set of reasons. . . she’s psychotic. :P

With Pansy, comes a sidekick--her doll. The doll acts as a villainous accomplice who tells and/or helps Pansy get her revenge on the boys. It basically embodies the evil that influences Pansy’s actions. The doll was created for Pansy to have an ally, so it isn’t always two against one, and to also be the butt of the joke. Together they make a great duo in bringing chaos to young obnoxious boys who deserve a slap in the face.

For thesis I am going to show an example of her behavior:

Like every morning, her mother wakes up and drives away to go to work (single mother). She yells from the car goodbye and tells Pansy to be on her best behavior. A dark silhouette stands behind the back door to the yard. You think a mischievous creature will come out, but behold a cute girl named Pansy walks out; and starts her day off with a tea party. She pours a cup of tea for her doll (no name yet) and talks about ( insert funny subject here). All of a sudden a loud bang boom pow! comes from her neighbor's yard. This startles her and makes her drop her tea cup, which breaks and gets her doll wet. She gets furious and goes to see what the boys next door are doing. She peeks through the hole in her fence to see that they are playing "fireman." Pansy jumps with joy and forgets about the tea cup. Now, she wants to play "fireman" too. Pansy goes over and asks if she can play with them. They say no and make fun of her because she is a woman and that a woman can't be a fireman. She turns away mumbling to herself " chauvinistic bastards" and walks back home. Then she comes back on screen with a tank of gasoline. She then pours it into the boy's yard through the hole in the fence. They don't notice. She gets a lighter from her trainy bra and tries to light it but it doesnt work. She then looks up and finds a match in the pocket of her doll. She lights the match across the dolls head (who bellows in joy) and throws the match behind her shoulder. A huge fire rises from the boys' yard and in the end they are blasted by water by a real fireman.

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