Sunday, August 22, 2010

Story time: part two

So my friend and I both created Pansy. But this new post is a poem she wrote that I am interested in animating. We have been stuck on this poem for a while and really wanted to create something great out of it. For Pansy, I have a very very rough storyboard for, but this one still needs work. I would like to share with you a poem from my bff Cassie DeMario. Respect the Greatness :P


There was a kid playing guns in a toy store
And I asked him, “Hey kid what are you shooting for?”
He said, “Bang! Bang! You fall to the ground”
And I fell, I fell, I fell

I was walking through the streets downtown
And the children were making their way down
Rushing to see the new piece of plastic
Their smiles were superficial but fantastic

All through the day, life’s wasting away
And all through the night, I dream
Of going away, exactly where I can’t say
I don’t know when, but I’ll get there some day

I was zoning out of time
Then I heard a sound that rattled my mind
A mother was yelling at her weeping child
And then she smiled, she smiled, she smiled

My nephew only stares at the screen
When he grows up, I wonder what he’ll be
Some big success, the pride of the family
No, I suppose he’ll be more like me

There was a kid playing guns in a toy store
And I asked, “Hey kid what are you shooting for?”
He said, “Bang! Bang! You fall to the ground”
And I said no child not this time around
No child not this time around

I see a lot of potential for this visually. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Wow. This is a lot to talk about. I really want to hear this idea in person so that we can have a better discussion. Like... you better remember to tell me. Or I'll be sad. ):

    Also, I'd rather have a back and forth in person rather than in text.

  2. yeah its def. hard to talk about via text. I just have to come up with words about it since there are a lot of things to talk about. I can go in many directions. I would be very interested in how other people envision it visually and what they personally get out of the story.

  3. I really enjoy this idea a LOT. Your idea about Pansy is very solid, but it's been said before. I have complete faith you would make Pansy into something amazing,and I know visually it would really be striking, but this poem speaks VOLUMES about so many things. I could see a really nice piece with this turned into a type of song, something along the line of the "spider" animation from previous animation creatures (I forget their names, but you know which one I mean, with the father telling his son not to hurt the spider... yes?)
    ANYWAYS, I really am partial to this poem over Pansy, something about this feels honest and deep and all the lovely things of a senior thesis. Perhaps a combination of the two (ie- bringing Pansy in as one of the characters in the poem, or creating a similar scenario as the boys playing firefighter but without words, just the poem... am I making sense or is my lack of English no good here no more for the speaking stuff?)
    CONCLUSION: Round and fleshy both these stories tiny shapeless bodies and bring them for thesis chatty chats!

  4. Tara thats a great idea! i am going to explore putting some of the characteristics of both stories into one. I do think the poem is def. thesis material, but still like the comedic factor of Pansy. So maybe I'll bring in bits and pieces of her into the poem idea. Thanks guys I'm really excited for some chatty chatty!