Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey everybody,

This is the new and improved thesis blog for all to use. The seniors, meaning all of you, should use this blog to help critique work from fellow peers, update others on your thesis process, scan sketches and concepts to share with the world of your godly wonders, and use your IMAGINATION. We hope to use this blog to help outside of class in order to keep on giving feedback. Please share your ideas on what you would like to see out of this blog and how we can make this a fun last year at MICA (not a screaming, yelling, I WANT MY MOMMY! kind of year...that would be embarrassing and slightly awkward)

- Sid, Jean Bean Machine, Tara


  1. This blog is an awesome idea, thanks guys! Hopefully it'll stay updated by everyone. :)

  2. I hope so too. I think this will help all of us out with staying on the right path. Thesis is huge and we all have to keep each other level headed. I think our department gets along very well and that this could be an awesome year ahead.

    much <3

    - Sid